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Helpful Documents

We hope that these documents serve as valuable resources for the community to better understand the local food system, as well as food system work in general.

Community Food Assessment – Supplemental Reports


  • The Community Farm: Analysis of Farm Models Throughout the Nation (pdf, 700kb)
    Friedman, et al, Bates College
    Focuses on the benefits that urban farms hold for areas like Lewiston-Auburn: enhancing sense of community, producing food, offering opportunities for education, job skill-building, employment, and community self-reliance.






  • Elderly Food Insecurity in Lewiston, Maine (pdf, 570kb)
    Antell, et al, Bates College
    Examines how food security impacts Lewiston’s elderly and identifies five critical components of food insecurity impacting this population: isolation, physical decline, bad habits, economic stress and level of education.


  • 2012 Food Action Charrette Report (pdf, 298kb)
    Summarizes an event that allowed the community to express its priorities in regards to the food system, and to suggest actions and key partners for working toward those priorities.

Food Council Resources

  • List of Food Policy Councils in North America (pdf, 423kb)
    Community Food Security Coalition
    Updated in 2012, this provides a state-by-state listing of food councils throughout the nation and in Canada. A map of these councils may be seen here.


  • Doing Food Policy Councils Right: A guide to development and action (pdf, 4.8MB)
    Mark Winne Associates
    Produced by one of the most recognized names in the food system/food council world, this helpful document offers information about what food councils are, what they can do, and how to bring one together. Focused on councils that deal mostly with policy work.